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4 Steps to a Better Photography Resume

Many of the photographers we see have stunning, well-curated portfolios, but they neglect their photography resume. In order to land the jobs you really want you need to have a world-class portfolio and a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd.Photography is a visual medium and a great visual presentation is your best marketing tool. Before the digital age, portfolios included mounted images in a physical portfolio book. Digital photography and the internet has changed the way people hire photographers. You need your resume and digital portfolio to look as good, if not better, than your in-person portfolio.

1. Use a Photographers Resume Format

Standard resume format includes education, work history and objectives. You need to convey your skill level and creativity and this standard resume format will not adequately convey those qualities. You should also include sections for skills and technical expertise. Also, you need a digital portfolio.

2. Highlight Skills and Technical Expertise

Now more than ever, potential clients want to know what digital and technical skills you have above and beyond just the photography. They want to know what computer editing programs you’ve mastered what classes you’ve taken, and whether you can edit video. Make sure to list any certifications or trade specific classes you have taken.

They want to know that you don’t just take good pictures but that you are an expert in your industry. If you have expertise shooting with different cameras and lenses, feel free to include that information and a short description of what the different cameras and lenses accomplish.

3. Know your Specialty

Pick an area of photography you are most interested in working in and tailor your resume and portfolio to that area.

When someone hires a wedding photographer they want to know that photographer is an amazing wedding photographer. If someone wants to hire a product photographer they’re not going to be nearly as impressed with a sunset beach picture.

It can be the most amazing sunset beach picture but it does not demonstrate the skills needed for product photography. Some specialties might require special equipment, if your specialty requires special equipment make sure you highlight that you have mention that in your skills and technical expertise as discussed in paragraph 2.

4. Use a Professional Resume Service

A resume is a professional written product and in order to get the best results, aka more jobs, you need to have it professionally written, edited, and proofread. Professional resume services can help you prepare a resume from scratch or help you take your existing resume and polish it to the quality you need to land the jobs you want. They can tailor their services and cost to your needs and budget.