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How To Wear This Cool Colour

What’s new in summer blues? Chilled out blue hues with splashes of white look effortless and on trend.Blue is often thought of as an “authority” or “utilitarian” colour (hello, blue jeans). But it can also be quite feminine and pretty, too, with this summer blue trends.

Covering up never looked so good

Whether you use this as a housecoat or a sophisticated beach coverup, you will look elegant as you lounge. Isn’t that lovely?

Slide in style

These casual and comfy shoes dress up any summery outfit.

French flare

A hot summer blue trend: The French blue stripe is a classic print that is easily updated with this sleek, form-fitting frock.

Cash and carry

As versatile as denim but more functional, this cute backpack will hold all the beach essentials.

Get shorty

Show off your freshly waxed, faux-tanned gams with these flirty shorts that are right on cue with the summer blue trends.

Wrap it up

Scarves are the ultimate accessory, even in the summer with this lightweight fabric.